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NSHouston has been constructed to give you detailed information on the Nursing Schools in Houston that are available for new and returning nursing students. We analyze the colleges, community colleges, vocational schools and general walk-in programs that allow you to achieve basic, intermediate and advance degrees in the field of nursing.

About Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas is a bustling southern metropolis with about 6 million residents making it the 4th largest city in the United States. It is a blend of traditional southern values and modern progressive, big city thinking. Our site includes suburbs of Houston like Galveston, Sugarland and Woodland. Sugarland has recently been rated by CNN as the 3rd best place to live in America. Houston is also home to one of the youngest populations of any city in USA. For that reason Houston has an abundance of homes, condos and apartments perfect for young professionals (read: nursing students) looking to live near the various nursing schools in Houston and the institution of their choice.

Due to it’s size, it is no wonder that Houston is host to several top rated university health care programs and schools. Houston is home several universities like Texas Southern University as well as the famous medical college Baylor College of Medicine.

What NSHouston offers

We have built this site with a tight focus on the Houston, Texas area (as you are probably already gathering) so that we don’t try to cover too much information about other cities or states and end up diluting the power and accuracy of tightly focused research.

However we do include a few nursing colleges just outside Houston. We detail Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas and by popular demand we have included the certain nursing schools in Galveston as well, namely the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in Galveston, Texas.

We make no distinctions in quality of education when we compare and list community colleges with nursing programs in Houston like Houston Community College (HCC) and San Jacinto College with it’s North, South and Central Houston campuses and Lone Star College.

Currently we detail 16 different Houston nursing schools, which include colleges, universities, trade schools and community colleges in the area. We detail the private nursing school Houston Baptist University(HBU), as well as the prestigious and mostly graduate-level nursing school The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UT Houston)

The entire list of nursing schools we evaluate can be found under the schools menu.

We have not only provided Google maps locating each of the nursing schools in Houston but we have also provided advanced details on each program’s requirements and tuition costs. Yes, we quote actual dollar amounts when we can nail them down. A feature that you will not find on other school related sites and you may even be hard pressed to find actual tuition costs listed on the respective websites of the program you are interested in.

We feel this information is vital and what students really want to know, so we list the accurate info which will allow you to make far more informed decisions in your health care career.

We are also very excited to have begun a school and program star rating system (1 to 10). We are sure that it will add another dimension to your decision process and help you find the right nursing schools in Houston to visit and examine in more detail. On that note, we invite any past or current students of any of these schools to provide comments and a rating of your experience at these institutions. This in turn, helps future students make better and more informed decisions on which school or program they wish to attend.

Currently we are just beginning to rate and consider separate, online-only nursing programs in Houston, mainly because they are not Houston-specific enough. Knowing that certain schools in Houston do have online compliments to their walk in classrooms like online RN programs Houston, various LPN-RN bridge programs and RN transition programs, we will be extending our evaluation of the schools to include their online additions and counterparts in special section of their analysis. We have begun the evaluation of the University of Phoenix as they have a strong presence in Texas.

General Steps to Becoming a Nurse

For the beginning nursing student, here is a simplified and condensed list of the basic requirements and steps required in becoming a nurse in Houston, Texas. We list the actual schools where various courses of study and degrees are offered in subsequent pages and articles on this site. The general requirements usually are something like this:

  • High school diploma
  • Associate Degree for Registered Nurses

    This is generally a 2 year degree that is considered the “entry level” for the industry. Generally most schools that award this degree teach you fundamental anatomy, physiology, biology, and foundational nursing skills. In addition to that you will study pharmacology in your first year. Candidates spend most of their second year getting invaluable experience in actual clinical settings by participating in nursing rotations with university and city hospitals.

  • Pass the NCLEX-RN exam (National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses Exam)

    The test will measure the student’s understanding of how to administer quality health care, and the application of social and nursing sciences in a hospital setting or patient care environment.

  • Pass the TMJE exam (Texas Medical Jurisprudence Examination for Registered Nurses)

    The test will measure the student’s understanding of the various legal concerns that are associated with being a Registered Nurse. The Texas Board of Nursing will not issue a permanent RN license until the student passes this important exam. This exam is provided to the nursing student when he or she applies for licensure.

  • Finally submit your completed application for licensing to the Texas Board of Nursing.Students must submit school transcripts and the exam results from the NCLEX-RN and the TMJE exam.

While this list is representative for the only basic requirements for most nursing schools, it is also highly indicative of the requirements for other cities in the state of Texas and throughout the United States as a whole. This list is intended to provide an outline only for those wishing to become a nurse, serious students and those wishing to pursue this occupation should obtain a much more detailed list from the institution they wish to attend.

Explore All of the Schools of Nursing in the Houston Area

With the above said, we encourage you to explore this website that which been crafted for the sole purpose of distilling the overflowing information found on the Internet into one concise, easy to examine body. We hope that the information on the schools provided is thorough enough (without actually recreating their respective sites) and gives the information you need. Please feel free to use the contact us and let us know of any information that you feel is inaccurate or that you may need further details about. We are MORE THAN HAPPY TO OBLIGE any requests you may have.

Our articles section will be continuously growing as we add more interviews with school graduates, as well as Houston nursing professionals who give their unique perspective to those just entering the health care industry and those that are continuing their education to become more advanced nurses.

We hope that you come to better and more informed decisions and this site serves it’s purpose for you to not only compare and evaluate each of the nursing schools in Houston but learn from experienced nurses and other students that participate at this site. Go get’em tiger.