Prairie View A&M University

The Prairie View A&M University College of Nursing, was founded in 1876 to serve the needs of minorities. The university today has a multi-ethnic student body of almost 8,000. The PVAMU College of Nursing is located in the Houston Texas Medical Center has provided nursing education since 1918.

The university offers bachelor (BSN) and master’s degree (MSN) programs

Undergraduate Nursing Programs (BSN)

The university’s degree program structure is to be applauded. They have built their bachelor degree requirements along two lines; for the beginning nurse who is going straight to their BSN degree and for the RN, LPN and LVN who reentering the educational system to attain their Bachelors of Science in Nursing.

Which ever of these two groups you may belong, the curriculum requirements are exactly the same. It is the teaching methodology that differs amongst these different kinds of students.

Graduate Nursing Programs (MSN)

The graduate considerations observed by Prairie View A&M University is just as exemplary. The continuing or returning Registered Nurse will be prepared to become an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) with specialties ranging in Nursing Administration, Nurse Education and Family Nurse Practitioner. The cool thing about PVAMU’s Masters of Science in Nursing Program is that the classes are available in the evenings and online to accommodate the working Registered Nurse.


Here is what we have discovered so far about their programs:

Undergraduate Nursing Programs
Basic BSN Program9 Semesters (128 hrs)$30,240+
LVN-BSN Program4 Semesters(63 hrs)$11,813+
RN-BSN Program3 Semesters (31 hrs)$7,324

We must disclaim that it was difficult to achieve these numbers, involving a few different Prairie View A&M University sites, while we want to provide you with absolutely accurate information, we don’t even think that PVAMU can provide you with accurate numbers at this point

It should also be noted that these prices are approximate to give you an idea of where they sit with other Houston nursing schools. If you notice the plus sign at the end of each tuition amount, it is because there are certainly more fees than are listed in their websites and also keep in mind that these numbers are for residents of Texas the cost seems (like in cases with all other schools) almost quintuple for out of state residents.

Despite our appreciation for their program structure and philosophy, we feel that they can present their information much more clearly and polished for would be nurses. We have to rank these guys on cost and clarity a 7 out of 10.

For more information and to draw your own conclusions, we suggest that you visit the Prairie View A&M College of Nursing website yourself and evaluate their programs and offerings for yourself. Here is their website: Prairie View A&M University College of Nursing.